The only hall not part of the enfilade, it is accessed directly from the Hall of Mirrors. It preserves a precious 18th-century damask wallpaper, along with two exquisitely crafted gold-laminated doors.

The wallpaper has undergone non-invasive consolidation, allowing its atmosphere and beauty to be enjoyed despite the understandable wear of time. The vaulted ceiling is decorated with love themes such as the quiver and bow joined by a laurel wreath, symbolizing a wish for eternal happiness.
In this hall, some testimonies from the Spadaro di Passanitello Archive can be consulted, and the monumental desk of Michelangelo Libertini can be admired. This desk was inherited by his son, Senator Gesualdo Libertini, and later by his grandson, Cav. Francesco Spadaro di Passanitello. By the will of the latter’s son, Arch. Alvise Spadaro, the former owner of the building, it was donated to his cousin Gemma Gravina di Belmonte.

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