Located on the second floor, the Representative Wing of Palazzo Spadaro Libertini offers an elegant setting for events such as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and meetings, as well as sets for photographic, advertising, and film productions. In addition to these activities, the residence hosts guided tours by appointment for most of the year, also available in English with 48 hours’ notice, allowing visitors to explore its historic beauty:


The five halls, named after their distinctive decor and tapestries: the Hall of Coats of Arms, the Marble Hall, the Yellow Hall, the Hall of Mirrors or Red Hall, and the Blue Hall.Notably, the exceptional acoustics of the Hall of Mirrors and the Yellow Hall make them ideal spaces for classical music concerts. The residence provides qualified musicians with access to the perfectly restored Pleyel Wolff grand piano, tuned below the standard 440 Hz.

The “Castle” Entrance, characterized by a wall dating back to the era of Roger I, topped with cross vaults. The evocative medieval atmosphere of this space makes it an ideal location for exhibitions, shows, cocktails, buffets, and light lunches.

The Representative Wing is located on the second floor of the Palazzo and is accessible via the Baroque staircase or by internal elevator from the former stable, accessible from the courtyard of the Palazzo with entrance from Via San Bonaventura 22 or from the “Carruggio” of Via Bonanno 1, just a few steps from Vicolo S. Giuseppe leading to the Santa Maria del Monte staircase. This floor has a dedicated bathroom.
In addition to the spaces described above, the following areas are now also available to the public::
The first floor, with the “medieval” room for separate or “widespread” exhibitions and boutique events. The property is available to make this part of the Palazzo, equipped with a bathroom accessible for people with disabilities, available and reachable via the Baroque staircase or the internal elevator from the former stable with access from the internal courtyard of the Palazzo.
The stable on the ground floor, a fascinating environment with its large round arch in stone, attesting to its medieval origin. It is accessed from Via San Bonaventura 22 through the internal courtyard of the Palazzo and is connected to the other floors of the residence by an elevator with a capacity of 3 people, approved to accommodate people with disabilities.
The property is also open to considering the organization of other types of events proposed, provided they respect the preciousness of the location.
The entrance on “Carruggio” of Via Bonanno 1 serves as an emergency exit.
The residence is equipped with fire safety devices (extinguishers).
For events and all activities taking place in the Palazzo, the property can provide staff for guest registration and reception, order and security services, and propose trusted catering that can offer quality service. Smoking is prohibited in all areas.