A walk in Caltagirone among visits to ancient residences and ceramic art (minimum number of participants: 4).

Proposals for a tour in Caltagirone, a city that is part of the Sicilian Ceramics Route and the UNESCO Baroque site of Val di Noto.

The Historic Center: UNESCO Heritage

Two precious private jewels, passed down intact, await tourists, crystallized in an ancient centuries-old dream in a city, Caltagirone, which rightfully earned the title of Queen of the Erei Mountains and has been one of the late-Baroque cities of Val di Noto recognized as a UNESCO heritage site since 2002, making it part of one of the seven UNESCO sites in Sicily.

For the first time together, Palazzo Gravina Pace and Palazzo Spadaro Libertini are united to offer a journey/itinerary into the residences of the noble families of the “Citt√† Gratissima” and their memories preserved forever.


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