From the “sceccarella,” the little donkey of the Marquess Maggiore of Santa Barbara, to the panoramic elevator, Palazzo Spadaro Libertini has always been at the forefront, now embracing progress!

Known for hosting the “sixth wonder” of Caltagirone in the 18th century, at least as a famous nursery rhyme tells it, which was a gentle little donkey that carried the lame Marquess Maggiore up the Baroque staircase to the “Senatorial House,” today, in the modern era, the Palazzo boasts a modern panoramic elevator for the part that includes the Representative Halls and spans three floors. This elevator can also accommodate people with disabilities.

Crucial to this advancement was the collaboration with the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of Catania, which authorized the project, allowing this highly valuable part of the Palazzo to be inclusive and in step with progress.