The Hall of Mirrors, or Hall of Honor, welcomes visitors with the grandeur of its dimensions and the lavishness of its predominant colors: the red of the precious damask woven with gold threads near Versailles, the large Aubusson carpet specially ordered for the hall, and the gold of the consoles, mirrors, sofas, and armchairs. All original and also from France, these elements testify to the desire for splendor of a Sicily that would shine throughout Europe for several decades thanks to the Florio family, the “uncrowned kings.”
The splendid vaulted ceiling depicts the phases of the day through paintings of landscapes, some with Nordic inspiration, while at its center, one can admire a canvas by the painter Francesco Vaccaro depicting Liberty flying with a torch in hand and cherubs at her sides.
The hall also houses two hidden treasures. There is a Baroque fireplace dating back to the Marquises of Santa Barbara around which the city’s Arcadians would gather to “compete” in composing bucolic poems, and an 18th-century chapel, both in perfect condition.
Another gem is a Pleyel Wolff grand piano from around 1860, perfectly restored and used for concerts, which was also played by Wagner during a visit to the Palazzo.
The hall’s perfect acoustics allow for maximum enjoyment of the concerts held there.

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