Caltagirone was a “Genoese Colony” for a brief period after the Genoese liberated it from the Saracens with the victory of 1030. As a sign of gratitude, they built the Church of St. George of the Genoese.

The name “carruggi” is a historical legacy preserved through the centuries, used by the inhabitants to refer to the charming alleys of the historic center, intricate like a casbah, making Caltagirone an original and interesting “little Genoa.”

Palazzo Spadaro Libertini is a Palazzo rooted in the ancient heart of Caltagirone; in fact, it is the only noble palace that boasts an entrance in the famous “carruggi” that “climb” next to the staircase. Therefore, you can access the Representative Halls of Palazzo Spadaro Libertini not only from the central Via S. Bonaventura 22 but also from the “carruggio” at Via Bonanno 1, just a few steps from Vicolo S. Giuseppe, which directly leads to the Santa Maria del Monte Staircase.