In Caltagirone, in the Representative Wing of Palazzo Spadaro Libertini, at Via San Bonaventura 22, alongside collections of ancient majolica, beautiful testimonies of the elegance of the ladies of the Gravina Beaumont family are still preserved.

At certain times of the year, visitors can admire the splendid shawls worn by those who preceded the current owners.

In particular, you can admire the “shawl of Donna Marina,” a large square black silk shawl entirely embroidered with peonies in silk thread, in shades of pink as the peony has in nature. The edges of the shawl are enriched with a “monumental fringe” in silk, with colors fading from black to pink. The peony symbolizes fertility and prosperity. This is an evening shawl that has delighted at least three generations of the family’s ladies.

You can also admire other masterpieces of craftsmanship made by skilled hands, such as the shawl worn by Donna Margherita, a wide Sicilian lace piece entirely needle-made in black. This shawl has also delighted at least three generations who have worn it over elegant evening dresses.